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A new closing system: extensible, adjustable, usable on clothes, leather goods and shoes.

A new concept for shoes, comfortable, practical and innovative!

History of the project.

Possibility to find shoes with or without tongue in the middle and which adapt to the shape of the foot.

We used Velcro® straps as a fastening system. We changed the concept in order to get a shoe that is adjustable, comfortable, and practical. This new concept is usable on all fastening systems: bags, luggage, leather goods, textile, clothes, sportswear and above all security shoes in the food industry, orthopaedics, fire prevention, in the building industry, sports or regular shoes, Comfort, and is ecologic thanks to its new conception.

Currently in a Velcro strap shoe.

The shoe is composed of a middle tongue, two halves that don’t overlap on the foot, a buckle and a strap. The catchy part of the Velcro is sewn at the end of the velvet Velcro® part. The strap goes over the middle tongue of the shoe through a buckle situated on the opposite part of the shoe and is secured back into itself on the outside part of the shoe. If your foot is very thin, the securing strap only catches a small part of the catchy part of the Velcro® and most of the catchy part of the Velcro® just hangs loose. The strap is too long.

If your foot is very large, the strap only covers a small part of the catchy part of the Velcro® and consequently a long part of it is of no purpose. The strap is too short. The strap creates extra thickness as it is secured over itself. The strap is not adjustable to the shape of the foot. The middle tongue isn't adapted either to the shape of the foot and can’t be secured.

Here is a list of some examples of our inventions.
Currently on Velcro® strapped shoes.

Part of the outside part of the shoe, is made long so that it covers the top part of the shoe. No more middle tongue. On the part that covers the foot, the velcro® part is now inlaid in the leather instead of being sewn on the leather.

The strap is not sewn on the outside part. It is instead inserted inside the shoe with an elastic in the opposite part of the shoe. The strap is now stretchable. The part of elastic is not seen in the interior of the shoe. Only the strap is extensible.

As a consequence, the Velcro® part that has been inserted in leather lays over the foot and goes on the opposite part as far as the way of the strap in case of large feet. If the foot is tiny, the part that goes over the foot can be slid under the opposite part and the strap will not be hampered in any way. The strap is inside of the shoe and stretch to fit the instep on the Velcro® part inlaid in the leather.

Last thing to do, we pull on the stretchable strap and that can be adjusted to fit in step. Adjustable to the shape of every foot.

A new concept of shoe, the parts of shoe are different and use of the strap is innovative, practical, extensible and adjustable.

Thanks to this ingenious fastening system, the simple and fast qualities of the Velcro® are kept but there is no more rough patches or excessive thickness. It fits the foot perfectly for optimal comfort.

The new system has been patented with the INPI , and can be adapted to leather goods, textile….

It leads to European patents, deposed in USA…. Ideally, licensees will be able to use our concept for the benefit of everyone and we will continue to create to make the most of new fields of application… With our European Mark.

Gold Medal for Best Women Inventor awarded by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva Concours Lépine in Paris in 2009.

Silver medal at the Concours Lépine European in Strasbourg in 2009.

Nominated by The Design Observer in 2009 in Paris.

Gold Medal, First French Prize Competition at 38 International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva April 23, 2010.



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